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“He’s got everything”: Tobias Enström thinks Mattias Norlinder is well on his way to playing in the NHL

The former NHL defenceman has only positive things to say about his defence partner in HockeyAllsvenskan.

Patrik Bexell

Mattias Norlinder has five goals in nine games, and should have had an assist in Friday’s game, but the standards of the scribes in HockeyAllsvenskan aren’t at the top level.

Norlinder’s defence partner, Tobias Enström, played more than 700 games in the NHL and has had countless blue-liners on his flank throughout the years. Now in the twilight of his career, he has returned to his hometown team, Modo.

The classic team is playing in HockeyAllsvenskan, Sweden’s second tier, but has gained a lot of interest in Montreal after the Canadiens drafted Norlinder this summer. Leaning on Enström’s extensive experience and knowledge of what it takes to play in the NHL, we turned to him in order to hear what he thinks of one of Trevor Timmins’s latest selections.