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Tuesday Habs Headlines: A Family Affair

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Whether it's Max and Tie Domi, the Rocket and Les Canadiennes, Georges and Gallagher, or Julian McKenzie and EOTP, there's a lot of family going around in today's links!

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Minnesota WIld v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Montreal Canadiens News and Notes

  • Tie and Max Domi talk about hockey, and each other. [Twitter]
  • The Rocket and Les Canadiennes visited yesterday. [Twitter]
  • Check out the most recent episode of The Scrum Podcast, and make sure you vote for it in the People's Choice category of the Canadian Podcast Awards! [SoundCloud | People's Choice Vote]
  • Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz was spotted rocking a Patrick Roy jersey! [Twitter]

Around the League and Elsewhere

  • We're heading rapidly towards the trade deadline, and the Ducks and Stars are among those who have gotten a head start. [Anaheim Calling | Defending Big D]
  • Despite their struggles, many of which can be traced back to coaching tactics, the Ducks aren't thinking about firing Carlyle. [ESPN]
  • Dimitri Filipovic takes a close look at goalie tandems and the effects they're having on their teams. [ESPN]
  • They may be some of the best female hockey players in the world, but for the Toronto Furies (and other members of the CWHL) a road trip is anything but glamorous. [The Athletic]
  • The road to a new arena for the Senators remains rocky. [CBS News]
  • Looking into the ‘incident’ involving Sergei Bobrovsky and the Blue Jackets. [The Athletic]