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Montreal vs. St. Louis Top Six Minutes: Habs sing the Blues

A cacophony of mistakes lead to a poor showing in St. Louis.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports


  • (Looks at St. Louis’ record)
  • So that’s why they call them the Blues!
  • That’s right folks, an Elton John joke, welcome to a Scott Matla TSM!
  • I hope the Blues don’t trade Barclay, he’s adorable.

First Period

  • Congrats to both Nicolas Deslauriers and Joel Armi for their milestones tonight!
  • 300 games for the on they call D-Lo and 200 games for the One Man Armia.
  • Well that’s not the best start, but David Perron, sometimes you just have to hug Carey Price.
  • Hey defence, you guys can help him on the penalty kill, just sayin’.
  • At least the fourth line came to play, and a Nic Deslauriers breakaway is not at all what I expected.
  • Oh yikes, I hope Robert Thomas is okay after hitting the boards, that was not a smooth landing in the slightest.
  • Phil, bud, you’re our star penalty killer, come on man!
  • OH SO CLOSE, that breakaway goal would have been something.
  • Oh no, a power play.
  • I think the Blues had more shorthanded rushes than the Habs had chances.
  • Oh no another power play.
  • You have got to be kidding me Habs.
  • Well, it can only get better from here right?

Second period

  • Jonathan Drouin taking a hard shot off the ankle is probably not the start the Canadiens needed in this period.
  • Neither is that Jay Bouwmeester goal, long way to get back into this game.
  • And a power play? This is downright mean by the Blues.
  • What a bank shot by Brendan Gallagher to show some signs of life.
  • And now right back to the penalty kill, it can never be easy eh Habs?
  • Oh yikesssss Carey nearly gifts O’Reilly a goal with some poor puck handling.
  • Well, at least this usually puts on massive third period performances right?

Third Period

  • Both these teams seem determined to play as little of this game at even stength as possible apparently.
  • Taking a penalty on the power play? Who do the Blues think they are, the Canadiens?
  • Victor Mete is cursed, that’s the only explanation for that save, poor kid.
  • So is Deslauriers tonight I guess.
  • Of course the young kid who grew up in Quebec scored on the Habs, a tradition like no other.
  • Out comes the line blender, it’s been awhile old friend.
  • Here comes the power play!
  • And a 5-on-3 where Shea Weber murders an unsuspecting crossbar.
  • (deflating balloon noise)
  • At least Carey Price seems to be in top form tonight.
  • Max Domi getting a misconduct with under two minutes left just about sums up this game.
  • Bring on the Avalanche this weekend.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Had to pick this beautiful piece of work right here

2) Can’t make lineup decisions based on facial hair anymore

1) This is all of us