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What’s Habening: Episode 6 — Max

Fare thee well, Max.

It’s not easy to watch your team trade one superstar, then a top prospect, then a young offensively flashy forward, and then another star who just happens to be the team captain.

For the Montreal Canadiens and their fans, that’s exactly what has occurred in the past few off-seasons. This week saw Max Pacioretty’s time with the team come to an end with a late-night trade to Las Vegas.

What’s Habening returns to discuss the trade — not the return or the analytics of it all, just what one fan will remember the former Canadiens captain for.

From his early days in the AHL, to overcoming a broken neck, and finally ascending into the upper echelons of NHL goal-scorers, I’ll miss Max a ton in a Montreal sweater in more ways than one, and hope he lights up the desert for the Golden Knights.

Sound off with your own Pacioretty memories or feelings in the comments if you have any to share.