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Habsent Minded Episode 4: Europe and Beyond

The four contributors to this week’s episode have the Top 25 Under 25 on the brain, and the discussion turns to the development — and lack thereof — of the organization’s prospects over the years.

2018 NHL Draft - Portraits Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The fourth episode of the Habsent Minded podcast features Namiko Hitotsubashi, Andrew Zadarnowski, Scott Matla, and Patrik Bexell. The discussion centres around the development system, partly due to Eyes On The Prize’s own Top 25 Under 25 voting being finalized, but also because of questions from the readers/listeners about a potential development system in Europe.

In regard to what happened due to the Montreal Canadiens’ injury problems last season, we take a look at which players can feature on the Canadiens roster during the upcoming season.

We remember some of our favourite T25U25 players who did not pan out for the Canadiens, and we discuss the problems that we all had (or avoided) with casting our own T25U25 ballots this year.

You can download the podcast if you wish to listen to it later while you’re offline. On mobile you can do that by way of the Google Play button. On a computer, click the down arrow in the SoundCloud embed below.