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Canadiens vs. Blackhawks Top Six Minutes: How many penalties is too many?

The Habs manage to leave Chicago with two points despite spending most of the night in the penalty box.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

First Period

  • Okay, Habs, I just did the Jets recap so I expect just as many goals and as much excitement tonight from you
  • Happy birthday Jeff Petry, score a goal for every year you have been on this earth
  • Tomas Tatar called for ‘hooking’ and I see it’s going to be one of those nights. Again.
  • DOMI - more of that, please
  • WEBER - what a bomb. Habs up 2-0
  • Carey Price is looking solid again tonight
  • Delay of game penalty aka the dumbest penalty in the history of penalties. Weber sits for 2
  • Bad guys score on the power play. It’s extra bad because it’s Kane and he’s the worst.
  • Bit of a scuffle at the end of the first but the Habs are up 2-1

Second Period

  • Paul Byron with a big hit...what a weird night
  • That was robbery! Gallagher to Tatar in front and it goes off the post
  • Reason number 2149753 why I love Jesperi Kotkaniemi: he is not afraid to shoot the puck
  • Deslauriers with a clean hit on Toews that the Hawks don’t like because they’re essentially full-grown infants
  • Deslauriers immediately takes a puck to the head from the following faceoff and yeah, that might leave a mark
  • Paul Byron faster than the speed of light
  • Every stoppage in play has me thinking that the Hawks actually have the worst dj in the league
  • Daily reminder that Artturi Lehkonen is an actual angel
  • No Byron on the bench. Ruh-roh.
  • Why is Patrick Kane still a thing. He nets his second of the game and we are tied
  • Announcers also mentioning no Byron. It has been nearly 15 minutes since they have seen him and excuse me while I grab this paper bag and hyperventilate
  • Byron is back. Forget that whole overreacting thing
  • Three Hawks go after Deslauriers and Hayden is the only one that gets called so suck on that, Chicago
  • Wow our PP is useless huh
  • Tied at 2 after 40

Third Period

  • Another penalty for Tatar - that’s three on the game for him
  • Benn gets called for hi-sticking and sits for four and frankly, I think that’s better than him playing for four so...
  • Price stands tall and the Habs kill off the penalty
  • Shaw gets knocked into the Hawks’ bench and I am sure says his share of pleasantries to his old teammates
  • Habs get a 55 second two-man advantage following a pair of penalties and cannot capitalize not that anyone is surprised
  • Lehkonen gets called for tripping which is ridiculous because he can do no wrong
  • And now it’s Gallagher’s turn to sit - Do the Habs just prefer to play shorthanded: my column
  • Petry throws one to the net and Tatar redirects the shot and amazingly, the Habs squeak by with the win

Highlight of the Night

Redemption for the man called Tuna

EOTP 3 Stars

3) It’s nice to be first in something

2) Even the slo-mo made it difficult to see

1) He’ll sleep a bit better tonight