Wild World Championship TSM: Captain Canada Leads the Charge

There were no surprises in Canada's win against Norway, but there were some pretty goals from Connor McDavid and Bo Horvat.

Canada @ Norway

What's the over/under on Canada hitting double digits? Also, why isn't Mats Zuccarello playing? Did something happen that I missed? Is he hurt? Waiting for a contract? Retired???

First Period

  • Well that didn't take long. That's only Connor McDavid’s SECOND goal of the tournament? That's surprising.
  • Oh dear, Norway, that's not gonna go well for you...
  • Apparently Zuccarello is injured. That makes sense.
  • Canada has dominated this game, so watch Norway tie the game on this power play. Oh great. They're bad on the PP? They're extra guaranteed to score now. Oh wait, that's the Canadiens.
  • YEAH BO HORVAT SHORT-HANDED. Oh go figure Pageau would have a hand in that.
  • Oh boy, McJesus is so much fun to watch. Two goals in the tournament before this game, two goals in this game.
  • Aww Ekdad hits another post.
  • Having to root for Pageau offends every fiber of my Sens hating being.
  • On the other hand, getting to watch McDavid makes up for it.
  • Really Canada? Lame.
  • ISTG, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins doesn't look like he's aged in about five years./

Second Period

  • I forgot that Canada was starting the period short-handed, and was like "Wow! This is the best offensive zone pressure we've seen from Norway all game!" Which, I mean, is true, but also penalty kill.
  • I'm so glad that we get to see McDavid play for a good team at least once a year.
  • Oh geez don't run over McElhinney.
  • Ouch that didn't look good.
  • Wow they're really just letting them play through all kinds of clutching and grabbing.
  • And FINALLY a power play
  • Man that was some pretty, pretty passing at the end of that power play./

Third Period

  • That was some gorgeous puck movement.
  • Shots with about half a period left in the game are...uh... 27-9 for Canada.
  • Been a pretty uneventful third. Canada's had some nice looks, Norway's had some nice saves.
  • Canada subs in Darcy Kuemper for Curtis McElhinney. Apparently this was the plan?
  • Shots are 32-9 now...still five to go...
  • Kuemper has had to make one save. But at least it was pretty.
  • The captains of both teams get player of the game.
  • Canada wins 5-0./

Highlight of the Game

This is gorgeous, even by McDavid standards.

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