2018 NHL All-Star Skills Competition: Full results, winners, and highlights

How every player fared in the showcase of skill.

The top players in the NHL competed in six events at the 2018 NHL All-Star Skills Competition, with the winner of each of six events claiming $25,000 for his efforts.

Here are the full results of the night’s proceedings.


Fastest Skater

Eight players received one timed lap around the rink in their direction of choice. Connor McDavid won the event for the second year in a row.


Connor McDavid (counter-clockwise): 13.454 s


Brayden Point (clockwise): 13.579 s
Jack Eichel (clockwise): 13.828 s
Nathan MacKinnon (clockwise): 14.056 s
Rickard Rakell (clockwise): 14.181 s
Zach Werenski (counter-clockwise): 14.250 s
Noah Hanifin (counter-clockise): 14.317 s
Josh Bailey (counter-clockwise): 14.413 s

Passing Challenge

This event consisted of hitting randomly-lit tagets with pucks, a give-an-go portion with a series of rubber bumpers, and the familiar long-distance passes into mini nets. Alex Pietrangelo claims the award for the event, as defencemen took three of the top four spots.


Alex Pietrangelo: 0:46.610


Eric Staal: 0:54.679
Kris Letang: 1:00.015
Oliver Ekman-Larsson: 1:04.530
Brayden Schenn: 1:05.951
Claude Giroux: 1:07.419
Nikita Kucherov: 1:39.562
Drew Doughty: 1:47.415

Save Streak

The only event for goaltenders, they faced a team of nine shooters from one opposing division on breakaways, attempting to stop everything they faced. Marc-Andre Fleury and Pekka Rinne forced their opposition to go for a second time, but Fleury just edged out his conference rival with one more save for the win.


Marc-Andre Fleury: 14 consecutive saves


Pekka Rinne: 13
Henrik Lundqvist: 5
Andrei Vasilevskiy: 2
Connor Hellebuyck: 1

Puck Control Relay

A combination of the cone course and the quick stick-handles through a line of pucks joined a new event that saw players needing to get the puck through a slot in a vertical gate that tested their ability to lift the puck. Johnny Gaudreau’s benchmark time as he first to run the course stood as the best.


Johnny Gaudreau: 24.650 s


John Tavares: 28.242 s
Connor McDavid: 29.220 s
Patrick Kane: 32.792 s
Aleksander Barkov: 33.233 s
Erik Karlsson: 37.417 s
Tyler Seguin: 39.078 s
Auston Matthews: 44.344 s

Hardest Shot

Players fired a puck as hard as they could into an empty net. Each participant had two shots, and both of Alex Ovechkin’s would have been good enough to win, but his mark of 101.3 miles per hour was the one that claimed the prize money.


Alex Ovechkin: 98.8 mph / 101.3 mph


P.K. Subban: 95.5 mph / 98.7 mph
John Klingberg: 96.6 mph / 97.6 mph
Steven Stamkos: 95.2 mph / 95.9 mph
Brent Burns: 88.0 mph / 92.4 mph

Accuracy Shooting

The usual procedure of hitting styrofoam targets located in each fo the four corners of the net gave way to a challenge that had five targets to be hit in a randomly determined order. Vancouver Canucks rookie Brock Boeser shot fourth, and used a rapid rate of fire to set the best score.


Brock Boeser: 11.136 s


Brian Boyle: 11.626 s
James Neal: 14.262 s
Sidney Crosby: 15.851 s
Steven Stamkos: 21.923 s
Blake Wheeler: 22.531 s
Brad Marchand: 44.692 s
Anze Kopitar: 50.844 s

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