Is it time to reach out to Ak Bars Kazan yet?

Given the state of the Hab's D so far, IMO the quickest and cheapest fix is for Bergevin to contact the management at Ak Bars Kazan to make a deal to bring Markov home...

Montreal still has the cap space to pay him and it wouldn't cripple them by having to part with high draft picks or a starting player to make a trade elsewhere

In return, Montreal sends Scherbak to Ak Bars on a sabbatical to get some pro experience in the KHL, and pays his salary along with a "development fee" to cover the costs of his playing on the team

Montreal fills the hole at D becomes an instant contender

Ak Bars gets the use of an exciting young prospect who won't see time in the NHL this season

cap space gets used fruitfully, no players/picks get wasted on a rental


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