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Alex Galchenyuk rumour roundup: Half the league is reportedly interested

There’s been a lot of speculation about the young forward

Montreal Canadiens v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

We know the Canadiens are listening to offers on Alex Galchenyuk, and lately it’s been hard to keep track of what was said. Let’s take a look at all the speculation surrounding the skilled forward. Keep in mind that trades rarely leak from the Habs’ side of the coin, which indicates that the vast majority of the rumours are probably coming from the potential trade partner.

The Habs were interested in a defender from Minnesota, but the Wild aren’t particularly keen on acquiring Galchenyuk.

The Devils are one of the teams that have interest.

Unless the Habs and the Devils make a deal that revolves around the first overall pick, it’s hard to envision a trade scenario that would be mutually beneficial for both clubs.

Darren Dreger doesn’t believe that his perceived value in Montreal is as high as around the rest of the league, which should ease some anxiety among Habs fans.

Let’s be honest, Galchenyuk is 23, produced a 59-point pro-rated season following a massive knee injury, and is coming off a 30-goal season just one year ago, as a centre. His value should be sky high, despite his completely chaotic development plan with the organization.

It seems like half the league, including the Florida Panthers, is interested in acquiring Galchenyuk, and the Habs are very much ready to move him, as long as the price is right. As per usual, it’s best to take rumours with a grain of salt, especially when they concern the Habs.

With the NHL Entry Draft taking place tonight, there’s a very real possibility that he won’t be a member of the Canadiens by Sunday. Of course, if Bergevin’s price isn’t met, he would be wise to hold on to one of the few players on his roster that plays a creative style of hockey. After all, there’s a reason why half the league is knocking at his door.