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A Bitter Bandwagoner Habs Fan’s TSM: This is War

The famed Western Conference physicality was very much in evidence as Nashville takes game one

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Nashville Predators at Anaheim Ducks Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Habs are gone, so that means the Bitter Bandwagoner Habs fan has returned. That means I’ll be writing TSMs for whichever games I happen to watch. Tonight’s match up is Ducks vs Predators.

Oh God I’ve missed P.K. Subban.

First Period

  • All of the Ryans. All of them.
  • So many whistles in the first two minutes.
  • SILF STRIKES FIRST!!! #DucksFlyTogether
  • Ouch. That looks like it hurt. Well, Ellis seems fine, so maybe not.
  • PING
  • Oh dear...Nashville is absolutely controlling the puck...
  • Or oh good, depending on who you’re rooting for.
  • Shots are 11-1 for Nashville, but Anaheim leads 1-0! WHEEEEEEEE!!!!
  • All of the turnovers. You might want to stop that, Anaheim, it’s gonna...
  • ...bite you. sigh
  • Just about four minutes left in the period, and that may just been the first really sustained pressure the Ducks have had all night.
  • This series is going to get nasty before its over.
  • Yeeahhh, Anaheim’s gonna get eaten alive.

Second Period

  • Well, boo. Oh dear. Off an Anaheim skate.
  • Oh geez. Shots are 20-10 right now for Nashville...
  • Dang this series is way more physical and intense than any of the other series so far.
  • Every chance in front of a net turns into a scrum. Talk about playoff intensity.
  • Boll goes BOOM.
  • Anaheim definitely evening things up a bit here, play wise. A very little bit.
  • Wow!!! Gibby!!!! He’s looked much better as the game has progressed.
  • Hahahahahahahha. Shots are 32-17 Preds. This is a bit not good.

Third Period

  • So...this series might already BE nasty.
  • All of the hits. All of the blocked shots. ALL of the slashing and hacking, and nastiness. Totally different character from the Pens/Caps game, or Habs/Rangers, etc.
  • Anaheim really needs to capitalize on this power play...
  • Oh Getzy...why this.
  • WHAT a shot by Ekholm, but Gibby makes the stop.
  • Oh geez. KILL the puck over the glass penalty. Kill it with fire.
  • I’ve missed watching P.K. wind up like that on the point on the power play. Pretty stellar kill by Anaheim though.
  • GIBBY. the crowd is on their feet in appreciation.
  • By the by, there may be some empty seats still, but the Honda Center is ROCKING.
  • Big power play opportunity for Anaheim...
  • ...which comes to nothing.
  • Josi is so good though. Wow.
  • Anaheim with a determined effort in the dying seconds of regulation, but Rinne somehow keeps the puck out!!
  • To OT we go!!


  • As everyone is pointing out, Anaheim played game 7 less than 48 hours ago. The faster they end this, the better.
  • The Ducks are certainly playing with urgency in the early going.
  • But Nashville answers right back.
  • Ouch Montour got hit HARD.
  • The pace has definitely settled down a touch.
  • PREDS WIN 3-2 IN OT!!