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Martin Reway still hopes to play in the NHL one day

The talented forward spoke to the Slovakian media.

Martin Reway - Minas Panagiotakis

Switzerland beat Slovakia in a world championship tune up friendly last Thursday by the score of 3-0, but it was Montreal Canadiens prospect Martin Reway that was the focus of the Slovakian press after the game.

In an interview published with the Habs prospect explained how difficult it was going forward after his illness

"I used to be standing on the blue line for the national anthems, now I am up in the stands. I am doing my best to be back on the blue line next season."

It was a very different experience for the former national team assistant captain.

"To go in to the dressing room as a visitor and not as a player is tough. I am glad to have the relationship I have with [national team head coach] Zdeno Ciger, and he has been great during my recovery."

Reway will not speculate on a return to the competitive side of things, even if he has started to practice on the ice when he can.

"I am still on medication and I haven’t recovered fully yet. I have to speak with a doctor before I try something new. I have been told to return slowly and I sometimes do weights. It has started to come together."

Despite his admirable optimism through the roadblocks life sent his way, it’s still a tired and somewhat disillusioned Reway that spoke media.

"I am going in the right direction but I can not give a time table [for recovery] nor be more exact."

There is no question about his ultimate goal, though.

"If I can return to the ice, I want to play in the NHL."

Reway praised the help of his family and friends, explaining that support has been "all around him" throughout the ordeal.

We wish Reway nothing but positive news going forward as he continues his long recovery.