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Michel Therrien’s letter to the organization and the fans

The former bench boss expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to coach the Canadiens.

Montreal Canadiens v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There’s a certain human aspect in sports that gets lost in moments like these. In this particular case, an NHL coach lost his dream job, even if it’s fair to say the Canadiens made the right choice.

Michel Therrien took time to pen a letter, as to express his gratitude towards the organization and the fans.

The original letter can be found here. (FR)

“I would first like to thank the Montreal Canadiens organization, especially Geoff Molson and Marc Bergevin, for the experience of five remarkable years. The Montreal Canadiens have always been a great organization, and recent events in no way change my perception of the team and its management.

Being an NHL coach is a tough job: it is gratifying on many levels but it can also quickly become a thankless task. When a team is experiencing difficulties, any head coach knows his job is on the line. I understand and accept this reality.

I would like to thank fans in Montreal and across Quebec, as well as members of the media. I also salute the coaches and staff I have worked with over the years and, above all, the many players whom I had the privilege of coaching.

I leave with my head held high: I am very proud of the work accomplished over the past five years. The current team can aspire to great honours, and I wish my colleague Claude Julien every success in the future.“ - Michel Therrien.