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Lukas Vejdemo speaks with us about his progression this season

The Canadiens prospect breaks out his English to describe his steady development.

Patrik Bexell

In a conversation with Eyes on the Prize, Lukas Vejdemo speaks about last season’s learning curve and this year’s early success with Djurgården. You can hear the confidence in his voice as he describes his game, and that is perhaps the biggest change from last year.

Djurgården has been one of the great surprises this season, and Vejdemo has had a huge roll in that, with 10 points (5G, 5A) in 16 games.

He speaks about the extra training this summer. He mentions how the workload changed when coach Robert Ohlsson took over, and suggests that may be part of the reason why Djurgården faltered the previous season. But the experience of a short playoff run gave the team something to build on, and players were ready for the challenge when practice started this season.

The added confidence instilled in him from his coach gives Vejdemo some positive reinforcement and a mutual relationship is developing between the coaching team and and an up-and-coming Vejdemo at the moment.

Of course, you can’t speak to a Djurgården player about his team without him mentioning the fantastic support of the fans, something that the centre looks forward to to help Djurgården enjoy a deep playoff run where only one result counts: the Championship.

While Vejdemo wanted to apologize to everyone in the EOTP community for his “bad and rusty English,” you can listen to the full interview here: