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PuckDrop Podcast with Växjö Lakers captain, and former Edmonton Oiler, Liam Reddox

A candid conversation with a player who left the NHL behind and took his game overseas.

Liam Reddox
Patrik Bexell / EOTP

The PuckDrop Podcast tells the story of the player, in his own words. It can be after a full NHL career, or before that journey has started. Most conversations are with North American players plying their trade in Europe, creating a forum where listeners can understand the leagues of Europe in another way. It also creates an understanding of the choice a player has to make before opting for a move overseas in the pursuit of his professional hockey dreams.

It is an autumn school holiday in Sweden when I chat with Liam Reddox, and during the recording of our conversation we are surrounded by a team of 10-year-olds looking like they want nothing more but to join in and ask their team’s captain for autographs.

Reddox has been in Sweden for a long time, and he is candid about his decision to break free of the AHL-to-NHL yo-yo situation he was in, and what his organization said when he left for Sweden. Not sure what Sweden would hold for him when he made up his mind to try a new avenue, it has turned into a second home.

We touch on his time with the Edmonton Oilers, where he was able to play 100 games for a storied franchise. The discussion moves on to subjects like Växjö head coach Sam Hallam, an up-and-coming coach in Sweden; the lack of a language barrier in the locker room; Vancouver Canucks prospect Elias Pettersson; and even advanced stats.

You can tell Reddox is a thoughtful and soft-spoken man, taking time to think about what he wants to say, but he is also quick with a laugh while recanting parts of his career and his own development.

You can listen to the pod via iTunes or use the player below: