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Canadiens vs. Blue Jackets Top Six Minutes: Habs hustle up a point

A little hard work never hurt anyone.

NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets at Montreal Canadiens Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • The last time I covered the TSM for this team was around this time last season for the horrendous 10-0 loss.
  • I heard that freakin’ cannon in my sleep.
  • Let’s. Never. Do that. Again.
  • Ever.

First period:

  • Charlie gets his fifth consecutive start in a row. I don’t know about him, but I’m very ok with that.
  • A rolling puck rolls right past Galchenyuk, Davidson and Lindgren. The Blue Jackets open the scoring. *braces self *
  • Oh wait...bright side: We’re in Montreal. No cannon. Happy dance!
  • Charlie with a sweet “not up in here” save on Nick Foligno.
  • The fourth line looks to respond after that nice, lucky, lame goal by Josh Anderson with a beautiful setup by Mete - who’s playing on the wing btdubs - but de la Rose can’t handle it.
  • Benn heads to the box for tripping. Not to worry, the Blue Jackets are last in the league in PP%. Dead last. Like, barely made the list last.
  • Now it’s our turn to show our power play skills. We’re in the Top 20 you know.
  • Three seconds left Gally and lets ‘er rip. But nadda. Maybe if we made it to the Top 10...

Second period:

  • Charlie continues to look good. He’s playing pretty well too.
  • Plekanec kicks it up a notch, and breaks out an ol’ style hip check for Boone Jenner.
  • Morrow loses his balance and goes crashing into the boards. He’ll be next on the injured list. Mark it.
  • Wake me when the constant offsides and puck stops is over.
  • Gallagher draws a crowd to front of Bobrovsky’s net then proceeds to be bounced around like the silver ball in a pinball game. All in a days work.
  • Byron takes off on a shorthanded breakaway but is robbed by Bobrovsky. He immediately follows up with another breakaway from the blue line. Oh, he’s mad now.
  • Off to a power play with three minutes left. Just in time for a nice dramatic goal to end the period. Let’s go.
  • A few good chances that period boys. Must have upped the smelling salts.

Third period:

  • This time - now stay with me - how about we throw in a couple of goals, just to make it interesting?
  • Random “Fun” fact: Jacob de la Rose hasn’t scored in his last 40 games.
  • Two-on-one with a perfect pass to de la Rose by Andrew Shaw, but Bobrovsky throws the body at it to make the stop.
  • Bobrovsky is under siege by the Habs but continues to win the war.
  • He has to crack soon, right?
  • I’m pretty sure every Hab has had a shot on goal this period. Multiple shots even.
  • Sweet glove save by Lindgren. Even more impressive that he’s still awake since it’s the only actions he’s seen so far this period.
  • Byron jumps on a Weber rebound and finally fools Bobrovsky to tie the game with seven minutes left. Now, that’s how you celebrate your 300th NHL game!
  • Alright Charlie, hang in there. Stay awesome and we’ve got this in the bag.


  • Bold prediction: The Habs are going to outlast Bobrovsky.
  • Or not.
  • Good hustle boys.

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3. The first 35 minutes weren’t much fun

2. Expect the unexpected

1. Never