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Sunday Habs Headlines: Martin Réway was frustrated by the North American game

In today’s links, more on the Réway contract termination, slow start hurting maketing partners, the Prime Minister represents the Habs in Ottawa, and more.

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Reway development camp Shanna Martin/EOTP

Montreal Canadiens news and notes

  • In case you missed it yesterday, Martin Réway was placed on unconditional waivers for the purpose of contract termination, bringing his time with the Canadiens to an end. [EOTP]
  • Frustration with how his style meshed with the AHL game, and missing home, were the main factors in his decision to end his North American pro career. [RDS | Google Translate] [Athletique]
  • Justin Trudeau donned a Habs jersey to attend the unveiling of a Stanley Cup statue in Ottawa [CBC]
  • The Canadiens fired a barrage of shots on goal last night. That’s been a main theme of the 2017-18 team:
  • The poor start of the Canadiens, combined with the unsuccessful seasons of the Alouettes and Impact, has been hurting those who’ve tied their marketing strategy to the local professional sports teams. [La Presse]

Around the league and elsewhere