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Canadiens sign Al Montoya to two-year contract extension

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The veteran goaltender has signed a new deal with the Habs

Montreal Canadiens v Florida Panthers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Montreal Canadiens announced on Monday morning that they have signed goaltender Al Montoya to a two-year contract extension.

Through 11 games played with the Canadiens this season Montoya has four wins, four losses, and two overtime losses. He’s produced a .909 save percentage, which includes the infamous game against the Blue Jackets early this year which resulted in ten goals against.

This deal was facilitated by the fact that the Canadiens have no goalies other than Carey Price currently available for the Las Vegas expansion draft. With Montoya under contract the team no longer has to worry about exposing their star goaltender, or paying a penalty for not adhering to draft rules.

It’s worth noting that Montoya was only eligible to sign an extension on January 1st.

The team has not released the average annual value of the contract, but we’ll update the article as soon as the information is available.

Update: Montoya will make $1.065M per year on his new deal.