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Martin Reway will miss Canadiens training camp with undisclosed illness

Unfortunately we will have to wait a little longer before seeing Martin Reway back playing in North America.

Fribourg Gotteron

When Martin Reway finally signed his Entry Level Contract to begin this season, it was with the understanding that he would come to North America and attend Canadiens camp. After that, he would either make the club, or go down to the team's AHL affiliate.

Unfortunately, his chances of making the Canadiens just took a hit, as he will not be able to participate in the Habs' training camp.

They have not disclosed exactly what the issue is, but in their release they did say he is in Slovakia fighting a virus. Hopefully it isn't anything too serious, but he is hospitalized, so I offer him and his family the best wishes on behalf of the entire EOTP crew.

Hopefully he can get healthy quickly, and get back to playing some hockey in the AHL this season.