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Canadiens hire Sean Burke to pro scouting staff

The Habs have added another body to their pro scouting department.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Amateur scouting, led by Trevor Timmins has been an area of strength for the Canadiens for some time. Pro scouting, on the other hand, has been something that some pundits, myself included, have felt is a weakness. Today, the Habs bolstered their staff on that front by adding Sean Burke to the fold.

Burke is an NHL veteran of over 820 games for a litany of teams around the NHL. Most recently, he was working with the Arizona Coyotes organization. He is reportedly going to be operating out of the Western region for the Canadiens, keeping an eye on the talent out there.

By most accounts, this is a solid hire for the Canadiens. I can't speak much personally to his ability as a scout, but based on what people in the know are saying, this sounds like a solid addition for the team moving forward.