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Come join EOTP’s Canadiennes coverage team

We’re looking to increase our coverage of Montreal’s CWHL team

canadiennes Shanna Martin

With the CWHL season approaching it’s time to turn our attention to Les Canadiennes. To grow our coverage from a year ago, Eyes on the Prize is looking for more contributors.

Les Canadiennes, who are in a partnership with the Montreal Canadiens, have reached the final of the Clarkson Cup the last two seasons and have won the Cup three times, more than any other team.

With Charline Labonté, Marie-Philip Poulin, and Lauriane Rougeau leading the way, and a lot of new rookies with existing veterans, there will likely be a lot of success to come.

You do not need to be in Montreal to help us (although being there can help). Even though a lot of our coverage will be based on games, there are lots of other ways that you could help us and we are flexible with what stories we will cover.

Of course, if you want to contribute in French, don’t hesitate to apply either.

If you are interested in joining our team you can reach us at