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Report: Martin Réway transferred to new hospital, being treated in ICU

Some serious news surfaces about the Habs’ prospect.

Shanna Martin/Eyes on the Prize

Some news has come out from Slovakia on the status of Montreal Canadiens prospect Martin Réway.

The team announced on Thursday that Reway would be missing Canadiens rookie and training camp because he was hospitalized with a virus.

Katarina Kapustova, a spokesperson at University Hospital in Martin, has confirmed that Réway was in the intensive care unit of the department of pneumology and phthisiology, but that he did not want any more details to come out, and his health status is embargoed.

Réway’s agent Peter Kadlecek also confirmed that he was transferred from a hospital in Dolny Kubin to Martin.

We will not speculate as to the reasons of Réway’s hospitalization and respect his wish for privacy about the details of his situation.

Réway was set to come to Canadiens training camp and play this season in North America after signing his entry-level contract this off-season. He played last year in the Czech ExtraLiga and the Swiss National League.