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Video: P.K. Subban writes a letter to his friends at the Montreal Children's Hospital

Well after being traded to the Predators, P.K. Subban continues to be the epitome of class in Montreal.

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

This one stings a little bit. When P.K. Subban was traded, many of the kids currently admitted to the Montreal Children's Hospital, where he spent so much time during his tenure here, had to wonder if he would still be a part of the cause. Well, he made sure to let them know that he always will.

This is pure class right here. He is no longer with the Montreal Canadiens, but not for one second did he think of giving up on the commitment he made to those kids, and the community.

This isn't about the trade anymore. It's not about what he brought to the team on the ice. It's not about crying over spilled milk. This is about him being nothing short of an amazing human being. It's about a hockey player who just genuinely cares about sick kids in Montreal. It's quite amazing.

Big, big thumbs up to P.K. Subban. I wish him the very best in his career.