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Quiz: Montreal Canadiens Norris Trophy winners

Can you name all the Canadiens who won the Norris Trophy for Best Defenceman?

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

A strong defence is usually the difference between success and failure in hockey. Look no further than the the last few editions of the Stanley Cup playoffs to see that every winning team had a quarterback on defence: Duncan Keith for the Blackhawks, and Drew Doughty for the Kings.

These two players are considered some of the best defencemen in the game, and are recognized as such with their Norris Trophy wins.

So with plenty of Cups in their storied history, it's not really surprising that a member of the Canadiens has won the Trophy on 13 occasions since its inception in 1954, awarded annually to the best defencemen in the League.

The quiz below will test your knowledge of Montreal Canadiens history. How many Norris Trophy winners can you name?