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Thursday Habs Headlines: Canadiens will pursue other analytics options

Here are your daily links, including whether the Canadiens' AHL team should have more local talent, the second half of Subban's interview and the soon to be general manager of the Las Vegas team.

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Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

Montreal Canadiens News and Notes

  • According to this report, analytics consultant Matty Pfeffer may have lost his job over trying to persuade Canadiens management to not go through with the Subban for Weber trade. [Sportsnet]
  • The Canadiens did not renew Pfeffer's contract, but they did state they're intent on pursuing a new analytics consultant. [Twitter]
  • Was Subban misunderstood by the Canadiens organization? [Sportsnet]
  • Ben Scrivens opened up about his time in Montreal and touched on some of the questions surrounding the Subban trade. [Steve Dangle Podcast]
  • Newly acquired backup goaltender Al Montoya looks forward to having a fresh start. [Canadiens]
  • Check out some of the different equipment brands used by the Canadiens players. [Le Journal De Montreal]
  • Check out where the Canadiens rank on the Boston Bruins threat index. Spoiler alert: the Habs aren’t ranked very high. [Stanley Cup Of Chowder]
  • Brendan Gallagher is modeling a new hockey stick:

Around The League and Elsewhere

  • How reliable is your eye-test? Try taking this test to find out. [Winging It In Motown]
  • NHL General Managers should be worried about signing their players to bridge contracts. [Sportsnet]
  • George McPhee is expected to be named the general manager of the NHL expansion team in Las Vegas. [ESPN]
  • If this hockey fan could travel back in time, they would have plenty of things to warn their younger self about with regards to being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • While controversies may have marred the 1976 Summer Olympics, nearly 40 years later it is individual athletic accomplishments and Montreal’s hospitality that truly stand out. [Toronto Star]
  • Canadian quartet The Tenors attempt to make a political statement at the MLB All-Star game by changing the lyrics during the national anthem was at best distasteful and at worst offensive. [Maclean’s]