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The Canadiens AHL affiliate will be named through a fan contest

The Canadiens have decided to allow the naming of their AHL affiliate to be decided democratically.

St. John's IceCaps/Colin Peddle

Now that the relocation of the Canadiens AHL affiliate to Laval is official, the only remaining loose end is what the team's name will be. They have decided that they will take it to the fans, with an online vote open to the public. Hopefully they keep it close, because we all know what an internet vote can end up meaning.


The Montreal Canadiens are asking hockey fans, and most specifically fans in Laval, to enter names for the team’s main affiliate. The "name the team contest" is a fun way to incorporate the Laval community as an integral part of this team’s brand and design. The contest is divided into three stages. To enter a submission, log on to starting July 11, 2016.

Throughout phase 1, from July 11 to 22, 2016, fans can enter their suggestions along with a short description. Each entry will be judged based on creativity, originality and tie-ins with the city of Laval and/or the Montreal Canadiens.

During phase II, from July 26 to August 8, fans will vote for the entries judged the most appealing among all those submitted.

The final phase, from August 15 to 31, fans will be asked to vote for one of the three finalists. The winning name will be announced in the fall. The winning entry will receive a pair of season tickets. A second pair of tickets will be randomly selected among all who participated in the second and third phases. Rules and regulations can be found on the web site

Fans interested in season tickets for the new professional hockey team in Laval can also log on to and enter their name.

At least they have decided to do things in phases, naturally to weed out the ridiculous suggestions, of which there should be plenty. It is the internet, after all. What the team will end up being named is anyone's guess, but our own Andrew Zadarnowski took a look at former team names in a recent article about the move to Laval.

For now, head on over and hand in your suggestions. You never know, your suggested name might end up being what we call the Habs' farm team from next season on.