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Report: The Canadiens were close with David Perron, but not on term

Apparently the Canadiens went down to the wire with David Perron, but he chose the Blues instead.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

We knew that the Canadiens were interested in David Perron. We also knew that he was interested in coming to Montreal. According to Renaud Lavoie, there was a one-year deal on the table, but Perron chose an extra year with the Blues.

Translation: David Perron mentioned that he talked a lot with the Canadiens. They offered one more year in St. Louis, and the Blues are cup contenders.

So apparently, Perron viewed his chances of winning Lord Stanley's mug as being better in Missouri than in his native province of Québec. It is possible that the extra year was the real deal breaker, but the fact that cup contention was even mentioned as a reason is a real downer.

But there is more.

Not only were they offering only a one year deal, but apparently they offered less money. That takes some of the sting away, as naturally Perron would want to go where the money is, especially with an extra year tacked on.

The Canadiens have yet to make a move today, but it is still early, so stay tuned for Marc Bergevin to throw us all a curveball.