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The Montreal Canadiens offered more than the $42 million the Edmonton Oilers will pay Milan Lucic

The Canadiens didn't end up landing Lucic, but they came very close.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Reports of the Montreal Canadiens being very interested in Milan Luci came out yesterday, and it turns out those reports were true.

Whle the team didn't end up landing the former rival from the intense Habs-Bruins rivals in previous years, news came out after he'd signed with the Edmonton Oilers that the Canadiens were his second choice, and Montreal offered move money than the seven-year, $42 million deal he ended up signing.

How that money would have been distributed, whether more money over the same maximum-length team, or a more expensive shorter deal, like $7.5 million over six years, is not known, but, regardless, the Canadiens were prepared to pay a lot of money to the big winger, and came very close to doing so.