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Chaumont: The Habs are interested in signing shot-blocking defenceman Kris Russell

With some speculation that Alexei Emelin could be on the move now that his full no-trade clause has expired, it seems that Kris Russell could be a replacement.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Kriss Russell is a shot-blocking defenceman who made his name with Calgary Flames before joining the Dallas Stars last year. Now there are reports that the Canadiens are interested in acquiring his defensive services.

With a full complement of left-side defencemen currently under contract, this move would only make sense if one of the current roster players were moved out, and there are indication that Alexei Emelin may be that player.

While Emelin's cap hit is a bit high for what he has brought the team since he signed his four-year contract, it's tough to argue that Russell is a better option from a talent standpoint, and this move would set the team back from a competing standpoint, if not from a salary cap perspective.