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LeBrun: The Montreal Canadiens made a significant play for Milan Lucic

It seems that the Edmonton Oilers are the front-runner to land the winger, however.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

A report came out yesterday that a few teams were interested in Milan Lucic, and among them were the Montreal Canadiens.

Today, it seems that they didn't make an offer substantial enough to lure him to Montreal, and instead he will join the Edmonton Oilers when the free agency period opens later today.

That offer would have seen a right side comprised of Brendan Gallagher, Lucic, Andrew Shaw, and likely Paul Byron rounding things out on the fourth line. That would have been a good lineup from a talent perspective, though may have struggled with discipline and a penchant to have goals disallowed.

It's difficult to understand how Lucic, a player known for losing his cool when things aren't going his team's way, take selfish penalties that cost his team a chance to come back late in games they trail, and one who made threats (serious or not) in the NHL's defining moment of sportsmanship — the post-playoff-series handshake — fits into Marc Bergevin's mantra of character above the more tangible parts of the game.

Lucic would have been a good player for the Canadiens, and despite the reports of an imminent move to Edmonton, there's lots of time left for that plan to fall through, or Bergevin to use more of the large pool of cap space to make a more significant offer.