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The P.K. Subban trade could be one of the worst in team history

Well done, Marc Bergevin. You may have just set the Canadiens franchise back by decades.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

I have no idea what Marc Bergevin thinks he is doing. Today, he shipped out the best defenceman the team has had since Chris Chelios for an aging Shea Weber - who is still a good player - but not nearly worth P.K. Subban in a straight-up trade.

Subban drives possession more, he is a better playmaker, he generates more shots, he is better defensively, and is simply a better all-around player. The only way that Weber could remotely be considered superior to Subban is that he scores more goals.

But scoring goals isn't everything.

P.K. Subban creates more goals. When he is on the ice, his team has the puck more than the other team. The other team scores less, because they can't shoot the puck, because they usually don't even have it. Subban is just better than Weber in every possible way, except Weber is bigger.

The move saves the Canadiens an extra $1 million against the cap as of right now. Thing is, they didn't need that, and it isn't going to help them get Steven Stamkos anymore. All they did was give away the prime years of Subban (signed until he's 31) for the decline years of Weber (signed until he's 40).

This is a joke.

There is absolutely no reason for this trade. It is awful. It doesn't make the team better. It makes the team worse. There is no way anyone could possibly think that this trade is a win. But wait...

Alright, now I'll speak directly to Mr. Bergevin. So, P.K. Subban is not a leader? He is not a top rated NHL defenceman? He doesn't make your team better for years to come?

So, what? You traded your best defenceman to help the power play? Are you actually serious? The power play was bad because it had bad structure. Kirk Muller was hired to fix that, you absolutely did not need to trade one of the best players on your team. This is a joke.

You should be fired. Better yet, you should resign. You are not fit for your position, that much is crystal clear.

But I digress. This trade is the worst thing that has happened to the Canadiens in a long time. The only way it would be worse is if they turned around and traded Carey Price for an aging Henrik Lundqvist. I probably shouldn't even say that, because maybe that is actually their next move.

It isn't out of the question after this ridiculously awful trade.

This is almost exactly like the Chris Chelios trade. That trade crippled the Canadiens defence for a long time, and outside of their 1993 Stanley Cup - which had nothing to do with that trade - they enjoyed little success thereafter.

This trade will cause some fans of the Canadiens to give up on the team. It could potentially affect ticket sales. It will make the Canadiens worse this season than they could have been. The sad part is that it won't accomplish the things that it should.

This trade should cost Marc Bergevin and anyone else involved from the Canadiens their jobs. It should awaken team owner Geoff Molson that he doesn't have the right team in place, and that he put his faith in the wrong people. It should cause the type of change that this fanbase deserves. But sadly enough, it probably won't.

All it will do is allow Nashville fans to rejoice in the streets, because they've just commited highway robbery. Even if the Canadiens perform better next season than they did last, it will not be because of this idiotic trade.

I said this trade would never happen. I guess that today is the day that I eat my words. I was wrong. I didn't think that a NHL General Manager could foul up a trade this badly. In no way did I think that I - and essentially the entire fan base - could actually know more about hockey than someone paid millions of dollars to manage a team. I was wrong.

This is absolute garbage. Marc Bergevin likely just set the Montreal Canadiens back by more than a decade. Congratulations, Marc.