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Les Canadiennes season review: Emilie Bocchia, Alyssa Sherrard, Sara Lachance

Montreal’s fourth line was an improvement over last year and showed flashes of brilliance

Shanna Martin

These three made up Montreal’s fourth line for much of the season, and showed flashes of brilliance despite not getting much ice time due to the strength of the top of Montreal’s forward group. The three together were an improvement over Les Canadiennes fourth line from the year before.

The line also included Chelsey Saunders at times (who we’ll get to later). They played most often against the Boston Blades when the coaching staff rolled four lines more often and impressed when they took the ice.

Emilie Bocchia: Bocchia, who was in her third year with Les Canadiennes was more trusted than the two rookies, and she set career highs in goals (3) and points (5). In games where Jordanna Peroff or other forwards were not available, Bocchia was the one who stepped up. She also played on the penalty kill for Montreal.

Bocchia, like the other two, has offensive skill that shines when she gets an opportunity.

She had a two-point game on January 16 against Boston.

Alyssa Sherrard: Sherrard was in her first CWHL season and went from a top line presence at Concordia University to a limited role in the CWHL, and admitted it was a struggle for her to not play as often. She finished the season with one goal and two assists in 20 games, scoring her first CWHL goal in her final game of the season.

Shanna Martin

Sherrard finished a +4 on the season, which shows that the line was impressive in their short stints.

Sara Lachance: Lachance, another rookie, came from the University of Montreal. She picked up one assist in her 18 games this season. She was an 8th round pick in the last CWHL draft. She was involved in several community projects including the team’s visit to the Cedars Breast Clinic and other fundraisers.

Shanna Martin