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Canadiens select Michael Pezzetta with the 160th-overall pick

For their final pick of the draft, the Habs have taken Michael Pezzetta from the Sudbury Wolves

Graig Abel/Getty Images

Barring any more surprise trades, this will be the final pick for the Canadiens in this year's draft. At 160th overall, they decided to go with Michael Pezzetta from the Sudbury Wolves.

Pezzetta is a player I've never even heard of, which is rare because I did a lot of profiling leading up to this draft. His OHL numbers leave a lot to be desired, but he had a higher average ranking than where he went, and he has the type of size profile that is sought after for centres.

He was actually ranked as high as 66 by ISS hockey, so he just might be a steal for the Canadiens all the way down at 160th. Only time will tell, as he is certainly not expected to jump straight into the NHL

Again, we're very deep in the draft, so we unfortunately do not have a ready profile for him. As always, we will have more coming very soon, so stay tuned.