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The Montreal Canadiens select Casey Staum 124th overall

With the 124th pick, the Habs have gone a little off the board to take Casey Staum out of high school.

The Canadiens only have two picks remaining in this year's draft, barring any trades. With the second-to-last pick that they possess, they went with another Defenceman in Casey Staum, currently committed to the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

This is a rarity, because we're talking about a player drafted straight out of high school. That does not happen very often in the NHL draft.

They must know something about Staum that I don't because to take him out of high school is a pretty big leap. Higher ranked players were on the board, so I struggle to understand this one. However, they are clearly going after defence in this draft, that much seems pretty obvious.

Once you get this deep in the draft, it is pretty tough to have covered every name available. We do not have a profile as of yet for him, but we will have more on him coming at you very soon. Stay tuned.