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Canadiens select Victor Mete 100th overall

With the 100th overall pick, the Canadiens take Victor Mete from the London Knights

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

By this point, the NHL Draft moves very quickly. Once you get this deep the picks come flying in, and the Canadiens snap called the name Victor Mete with their 100th overall pick. This is the second defenceman the Habs have added so far this year, so it seems to be a bit of a theme.

Mete had a good showing in his rookie OHL season, and this is a rather good value pick this deep into the draft. I  really wanted Samuel Girard in the second round, but this is a pretty solid consolation prize. The book on Mete reads a lot like the one on Girard, so this could end up being a real steal for the Habs in the future.

We unfortunately do not have a profile on Mete as of yet, but we will have more on this pick coming very soon. Stay tuned, and we will deliver.