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Poll: What should the Canadiens do with the ninth overall pick?

We're taking it to the community to see what the fans think the Canadiens should do with the ninth overall pick.

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Tons of rumours have been swirling involving the Canadiens trading P.K. Subban, but that just isn't going to happen. However, they might elect to make a move up or down in the draft, potentially adding some extra picks or even a player. That is always a possibility come draft day, so you have to wonder.

If they do decide to stick at ninth overall, there should be plenty of options. Some players like Alexander Nylander are potentially going to fall, and you never really know what will happen outside of those top three selections that everyone has been talking about.

Personally, I'm rooting for Pierre-Luc Dubois to fall right into the Canadiens lap at nine, but that is probably a pipe dream. In reality, they would probably need to move up to get him.

But this isn't about me, we're group thinking this thing. So what would you do with the Habs pick if given that power?