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Marc Bergevin's press conference: Open thread, start time, and how to listen

Rumours of a P.k. Subban are swirling around hockey media. Marc Bergevin will address the press later this evening.

Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

Just ahead of the 2016 NHL Draft, Marc Bergevin is scheduled to speak to the media this evening.

Rumours of a P.K. Subban trade are white-hot on social media today, with reports of both the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks placing significant offers on the table.

Those rumours will very likely be addressed by the General Manager in a matter of minutes

When: 6:15 EDT / 3:15 PDT
Where: TSN690

UPDATE: The press conference has been delayed.

UPDATE 2: Media is being allowed into the press area.

UPDATE 3: GM's meeting has ended, meaning Bergevin is now available to speak.