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Canadiens hire Kirk Muller as associate coach

Captain Kirk is back with the Montreal Canadiens organization.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

We have some news folks. After informing the Blues that he would not be back on their staff next season, former Habs player Kirk Muller has joined the Canadiens as an associate coach. There is no word on exactly what his role will be, but I would have to assume it has something to do with helping out the power play.

As the lone shakeup following last year's abysmal result, you also have to wonder if he'd be in the running to take over the big job should the team falter again next year. That is purely speculative, but he has been a head coach in the NHL before, so he's got the experience, as well as an understanding of the Montreal hockey market.

Muller of course enjoyed some of his best years as a player with the Canadiens, so it's great to see him back with the Tricolore.