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Thursday Habs Headlines: Canadiens COO Kevin Gilmore will be pursuing a new opportunity

Here are your daily links, including the departure of Canadiens COO Kevin Gilmore, Gordie Howe's quarrel with J.C. Tremblay and a trade between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Carolina Hurricanes.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Montreal Canadiens News and Notes

  • The Canadiens have announced that executive vice president and chief operating officer Kevin Gilmore, will be leaving his position to pursue a new opportunity. [Canadiens]
  • Could he potentially be headed to Las Vegas?
  • Mike Condon has kept busy creating new Habs fans in enemy territory! [Instagram]
  • Why did Gordie Howe break Montreal Canadiens defenceman J.C. Tremblay’s cheekbone? [Toronto Star]
  • The Canadiens have retained the services of two their most well known alumni:

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