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She Shoots She Scores: Crossing Fingers

If you had a start a team today and could only pick one, would you want Marie-Philip Poulin or Hilary Knight? What other women's hockey leagues should we be following? Who did we miss in our World Championship roundup?

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Hilary Knight leads Team USA at the Sochi Olympics
Hilary Knight leads Team USA at the Sochi Olympics
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

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She Shoots She Scores is a new podcast focusing entirely on women's hockey. Lise-Marie Caron worked for Les Canadiennes, and is a fan of the women's game at all levels. She even plays hockey whenever she can! Brad Simpson is a hockey addict who writes about the CWHL and NWHL.

Together they started a podcast which will talk about professional women's hockey leagues, international hockey, and prospects who are going to be tomorrow's stars. We'll record weekly as our schedules allow it, and spend the last 15 minutes or so recapping the episode for French listeners.

This week we resume our talk about the IIHF Women's World Championship, mentioning players whom we didn't get to on the last episode. What non-medal country had two players in the top three in tournament scoring? The answer may surprise you.

We try to answer the question of who is the best woman hockey player on the planet. Is it Marie-Philip Poulin? Is it Hilary Knight? Can this even be answered? There could be another name that can find its way into the top-tier in Amanda Kessel. She has made a splash by signing the biggest contract ever to date in the NWHL. 

We recap on the most recent NWHL news and discuss how their second season could offer more parity than the first, thanks to some key signings by the New York Riveters. The Boston Pride should have stiff competition from the Rivs next season. 

We briefly talk about a challenge made to us by a listener to expand our minds and our hockey fandom into the European professional women's leagues and ask our listeners to help us by telling us who to look out for. Brad butchers everyone's names like he's the new Don Cherry, but vows to learn.

Don't forget to send us questions, comments and suggestions for future guests to: