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2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Lightning vs. Penguins game six open thread, stream, and how to watch

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Can the Penguins tie the series at three?

Don Wright-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Lightning have pushed the Pittsburgh Penguins to the brink of elimination.

The Penguins have been riding Matt Murray to victory, but Marc-Andre Fleury entered the mix, and the results weren't great. Pittsburgh is expected to once again call upon Murray for game six.

TV Schedule:

8:00 PM EDT on CBC , TVA Sports, NBCSN

Tale of the Tape

Lightning Statistics Penguins
11-4 Record 10-6
48.2% Score-Adjusted Corsi % 51.7%
33 5v5 Goals For 34
24 5v5 Goals Against 29
57.9% 5v5 Goal For % 54%