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Report: Bud Holloway could be heading to the KHL

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Nothing is set in stone, but a Russian site is reporting that it may happen.

St. John's IceCaps / Colin Peddle

According to the site, Bud Holloway essentially has an agreement in principle with CSKA Moscow of the KHL. He of course fulfilled a lifelong dream of playing in the NHL this season, albeit for only one game with the Canadiens.

With the St. John's IceCaps, he managed 61 points in 70 games; he was a very solid offensive performer for the Habs farm team. I would think that the Canadiens organization would like to hold on to him a little longer, so I'm not sure what to make of this. You can read the original report in full here (link is in Russian). As of now, there is no word from the organization whatsoever.

It would make some sense for him to return to Europe though. He would obviously like to play in the NHL, but it doesn't seem overly likely that he makes it there on a full-time basis. If he sees that writing on the wall, it may be that he wants to play out his days in Europe, where he has plenty of experience.

We'll simply have to keep an eye on this story until an update is available.