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A Bitter Bandwagoner Habs Fan's TSM: St. Louis singing the Blues

The Sharks pull ahead 3-2 in the series in this edition of A Bitter Bandwagoner Habs Fan's TSM. Also, Thornton's beard is amazing.

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

I'm back, and so help me god, if the Sharks Shork this, I shall be very annoyed. Yes, the Blues get some slack for doing everyone a favour and eliminating the Hawks, but that only goes so far.

I'm also really jealous that this series gets Johnson and Cole.

Well. St. Louis sure knows how to amp up a crowd. that was a fun intro. They also picked an anthem singer who can sing. Good for them.

Hello to you too, Bob! Take it away!

First Period

  • Nothing happening, nothing happening, nothing happening, BOOM GOAL. Beautiful. You go Sharks. 1-0 Vlasic. Allen had no idea where that was.
  • Ooooor Hertl, no one seems to know.
  • Oh man what is St. Louis doing. I mean, I'm not going to complain, but wow that was almost bad. Do that again Sharks.
  • Damn it Sharks. Why you do this. Rude. That was gross.
  • WHY DIDN'T THAT GO IN.  Booo. I have a bad feeling we're going to miss all those near chances...
  • Dammit Jake. I know stopping pucks is kind of your job, but please stop.
  • It's P.K. I miss P.K. I need more P.K. playing hockey on my TV. *glares aggressively at the World Cup Team Canada people*
  • Well, that was egregious. Dear Blues, please stop that. What was that San Jose? You call that defence? Pretty sure Johnson and Dietz defended better than that. Was that mean? Maybe that was mean. I miss the Habs.
  • I resent everything about this game.
  • You know that thing I just said about regretting all those missed chances? About that...
  • Aaaand there's a scrum to end the period. Excellent.
  • For a game that had three goals in one period, it sure feels like nothing has happened...

Second Period

  • Dear NHL app, I don't want to see a notification about how pretty that goal Brouwer scored was. Go away.
  • Tarasenko is too adorable to be allowed. He looks like a tiny child. How does he have a kid already.
  • Come on Sharks. Please make the most of this powerplay...
  • Oh hey, is this what a successful powerplay looks like?
  • Nope. They're missing the net just like the Habs.
  • I walked away for thirty seconds to get food, and naturally, they scored. At least they scored.
  • Oh it was pretty too. Again. What was Jake doing though.
  • GAH. Thank you Jones.
  • Thank you again Jones.
  • did that go in???? Oh whistle. Good. That was weird.
  • And penalty.
  • And powerplay goal
  • long suffering sigh
  • Why this.
  • I'm going to hate that bell for the Blues' goals a LOT by the end of this game, aren't I...
  • BLESS YOU JUMBO JOE. Also Pavelski. That was quite a pass.

Third Period

  • If you did a shot every time a hockey cliche was used in an intermission interview, you'd get blood poisoning.
  • Question. Is "forecheck, forecheck, forecheck" one shot or three? Asking for a friend.
  • Did they just smack talk "Miracle" in that commercial? My very, very latent American hockey feelings are seriously offended.
  • RIGHT OFF THE BAT. Yes. Good. Pavelski again. Cue the hatty watch.
  • St. Louis called for a too much man penalty.
  • Do the thing Sharks.
  • Not that thing.
  • That was too damn close.
  • *internal screaming*
  • Sharks buzzing, so watch the Blues score.
  • They did it again!!
  • 6-3 Sharks. It was a close game. Until it wasn't!!