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2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Sharks at Blues game one open thread, online stream, and how to watch

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The Western Conference final will kick off tonight in St. Louis.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

The other night, the Lightning opened up the Eastern Conference final with a win over the Penguins, and now tonight the Western Conference final gets underway between the Blues and Sharks.

It's a refreshing change in the West this year, where usually one of the Kings or Blackhawks emerges to be the representative in the Stanley Cup Final.

Game 1: San Jose Sharks at St. Louis Blues - Online stream courtesy of CBC

TV Schedule: 8:00 PM EDT on CBC, TVA Sports, NBCSN

Tale of the Tape

Blues Statistics Sharks
8-6 Record 8-4
48.0% Score-Adjusted Corsi % 49.5%
29 5v5 Goals For 24
22 5v5 Goals Against 17
56.8% 5v5 Goal For % 58.5%

Both teams boast some pretty impressive firepower, so it should be a great series with plenty to talk about. Who do you think is going to take game one, and the lead in the series? Let us know in the comment section!