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A Hockey City Webcomic: The Offseason

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A Hockey City checks in for the first time this offseason.

With very little excitement about the Montreal Canadiens these days, most of the conversations I’ve heard or been a part of involving the Habs are about what went wrong last season with opinions varying between inadequate coaching, poor management and injuries.

When it comes to the "coaching issue" I've heard a lot of extreme opinions about what to do...

As far as management goes… yeah, yeah, I know "hockey is a business". Right, yep. But aren’t sports supposed to be fun? That’s why we watch, right? That’s why these guys play the game, isn’t it? Hmm… Maybe I’m just not cut out for management.

Thankfully, social media should keep Habs’ fans entertained over the next few months...

Speaking of Twitter… Brendan Gallagher and Brad Marchand have been all over social media putting their unlikely friendship on display. Two pests playing on opposite sides of one of the most heated rivalries in sports are working together and getting along? Now that’s the stuff of movies…

Thanks for tuning in!

I also want to announce that I've put together a nice 32 page 8x10 paperback version of A Hockey City that collects all of last season's best strips.

I'll be releasing it next week. For the low price of $7.00 (USD + shipping and handling) you can own a piece of history! I'll post the link in next week's episode. All profits will go to a donation to the Red Cross to help support victims of the Fort McMurray fire.