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Alex Galchenyuk wins the 2015-16 Molson Cup

In a season of disappointments, Alex Galchenyuk was a big bright spot for the Canadiens

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

There were a lot of things to forget about this season, but we will always remember this season as the year that Alex Galchenyuk took the next step and became a top NHL center.

Today, the Montreal Canadiens announced that he was the winner of the Molson Cup for the 2015-16 season.

The Molson Cup is given to the player who accumulated the most points in the post-game Three Star selections. You get three points for a first star, two for a second and one for a third. Galchenyuk finished ahead of Max Pacioretty, Mike Condon, Tomas Plekanec and David Desharnais. He is the first skater to win it since the 2007-08 season when it was won by Alex Kovalev.

Galchenyuk is one of four Canadiens to play in every game this season, and also won the March-April segment of the award. In that period, he had 16 points (11 goals, five assists) in 18 games which coincided with his move back to center.