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Canadiens vs Panthers Top Six Minutes: No storybook ending here

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Luongo turns aside 32 shots as the Panthers beat the Habs 4-1, and sweep the series.

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For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

If this season has any sense of storybook (which let's be honest, it hasn't for the Habs at all), John Scott will be tonight's hero.

First Period

  • AAAND they score in 10 seconds. Wow. Yeah, that's about how this season has gone. Welcome to Montreal, John Scott. The nightmare starts now.
  • Paul Byron with a nice breakaway, as he does, from Scott. No dice though.
  • Desharnais line has a strong shift, and draws a penalty. Hanley with a nifty move to keep the puck in the zone too. It was Kindl, and the refs threw the book at him. A slim, light, two-minute book.
  • But because it's the Habs, they give up a big chance against. Wow Habs. Wow.
  • Obligatory mention of the Habs' league leading 15 defencemen used this season.
  • Desharnais is quite a decent hockey player. This is much more noticeable when he's not on the first line.
  • This is gonna be a horrible game. But at least we have John Scott.
  • I've missed Brendan Gallagher flying around. It's so nice to have him back.
  • Eller and Byron had themselves a nice shift, followed by a very nice play by Hanley. As Habs' special teams go, that one went better than most. Pacioretty had a nice chance on the rush afterwards too.
  • Well, I guess that was a much better period than the first ten seconds indicated it might be.

Second Period

  • I think Eller and Desharnais are in denial about how bad the Habs' PP is. They keep drawing penalties.
  • Now Carr. This powerplay actually looked semi threatening. Eller with a pair of big chances, Galchenyuk with a nifty play that almost lead to a goal
  • CONDO.
  • Habs have had several really strong shifts in a row now, and now have another powerplay. What a pity their powerplay is awful.
  • I take it back. Money shot from the reverse Stamkos. I don't want to frighten anyone, but Alex Galchenyuk might be good.
  • DARN YOU LUUUUU. Robbed Gallagher BLIND.
  • Habs get a powerplay though, on account of Ekblad holding on to Pacioretty for dear life.
  • THREE powerplays in a row where the Habs looked like a hockey team? Amazing.
  • Terrible no call on that interference on Eller leads to a goal for the Panthers.
  • Naturally.

Third Period

  • The only consolation is that the Habs are playing well.
  • Hanley and Dietz having themselves a good night.
  • Eller wants a goal bad. He's been great all night long.
  • Well then.
  • Gallagher has seven shots. Seven. The next highest is Eller with four.
  • Eller with a really nice short-handed play that almost had Danault in front of the net.
  • We're definitely going to give up an empty netter...
  • Carr, Eller and Pacioretty with a flurry of blows, Carr nearly had a perfect chance. But it's the Habs. There will be no storybook ending.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) They did go ... all the way to 22nd overall!


2) Now that's a player we'd all have cheered for.


1) I hear the ending of that movie is Therrible.