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Martin Réway has not yet been offered a contract by the Canadiens

Sources claim the Habs are ready to offer Reway a contract, but the forward stated no official contract offer has yet been made.


Martin Réway spoke to reporters after today's practice in Bratislava, Slovakia. He's there with the national team in preparation for the World Championships. Slovak TV had a quote from Réway that basically translates into the following:

I know about the interest, but no actual offer or contract did come. I still don't know where I'll be next year. I felt a great interest from Slovan, I was kind of sure about it, but then I heard about Montreal. So right now I have to quickly decide what would be best for me."

The quote from Réway comes two minutes into the broadcast. He also specified that he wanted the contract issue to be cleared up before the World Championships get underway on May 6th.

We saw this tweet from Mario Langlois yesterday, and now Réway has offered up a twist to the ongoing saga.


This was brought to our attention by @bottass_ who also helped us with the translation. A big thank you for the assist.