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Report: Canadiens have offered contracts to Martin Reway and Artturi Lehkonen

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It seems that the two Canadiens prospects playing in Europe may soon be coming to North America.

Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Thanks to the work of our colleague Zeb, we've had a ton of coverage this year on the exploits of both Martin Reway and Artturi Lehkonen over in Europe. Both players have had some impressive seasons with their respective clubs, and the big question was whether the Canadiens would finally ink either draftee to a contract.

That seems to now be moving forward on both fronts, as Mario Langlois is reporting that negotiations with the two players are ongoing.

Not long ago, a source close to HC Slovan Bratislava of the KHL confirmed that they were trying to sign Reway, but that negotiations had stalled. Speculation was that the Habs were talking with Reway, which would explain the difficulty in getting a deal done.

As for Lehkonen, we don't have a ton of details, but a source close to his current club Frölunda HC has told us that he is looking for either an NHL deal, or to stay in the SHL. Word is that he is only interested to play in one of those two leagues, and that he would return to Sweden if venturing into the NHL did not pan out.

There is not a ton of concrete information about the negotiations, but we have several sources that suggest them to be ongoing. We will continue to monitor this situation very closely.