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The Montreal Canadiens will draft 45th overall with the Minnesota Wild's second-round pick

Six of the seven draft picks the Canadiens hold for June's draft are now solidified.

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Montreal Canadiens acquired the Minnesota Wild's second-round pick when they sent Josh Gorges to the Buffalo Sabres on July 1, 2014. The series loss by the Wild today at the hands of the Dallas Stars means that Minnesota will draft 15th in each round, locking that transacted pick into the 45th-overall slot.

The Canadiens will also select with the Vancouver Canucks' fifth-round pick, obtained in the Zack Kassian trade, at 123rd overall.

Montreal, who finished 22nd overall in the standings, is slated to make the ninth selection in rounds one, two, three, four, and six, with the first-round pick subject to change.

2016 draft picks

(Reminder that you can always find the latest draft pick board below our organizational depth chart.)

The final draft slot will be known at the end of the 2016 NHL Entry Draft Lotteries which will award the first three picks in the first round of the draft to three of the 14 non-playoff teams. Montreal has a 5% chance of winning the first-overall sleection in June's draft. The lotteries will be held on April 30, with results announced at 7:00 PM EDT on Sportsnet and CBC.